Client The Savoy Hotel
Value £565k
Duration 18 months
Contract Design and Build
Sector(s) Leisure
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This project required the supply & installation of SAS System 150 metal suspended ceilings, Armstrong Orcal suspended ceilings, Armstrong Bioguard suspended ceilings, MF plasterboard ceilings and STD channel trim TCA 0108 to perimeter walls for cut tiles.

Orcal and Bio Guard suspended ceilings were installed by means of an exposed 24mm anti corrosion grid suspended from the structural soffit with 25x25mm galv hangers. The main runner were fixed at 1200mm centres, with 1200mm cross tees fixed at 600mm centres with 600mm cross tees fixed between the 1200mm cross tees to form the 600 x 600 module to allow the Armstrong Orcal 600 x 600mm tiles to be installed.

SAS System 150 suspended ceilings were installed by means of a concealed grid suspended from the structural soffit with metal 25×25 Galv angle hangers. The channels will be fixed at 1500mm to 2000mm centres, the Omega tee bars will be fixed to the channels with clips/brackets at 600mm centres.

The 600mm x 600mm metal-ceiling tiles fitted into the supporting Omega tee bars (SAS system 150) to form a complete ceiling membrane
along with plasterboard margins, MF plasterboard ceilings & p/board b/heads.

TCA 0108 channel trim was fixed to walls with suitable fixings to allow for a tile to be cut into the perimeter. The MF Ceilings grid system is made up of MF metal comprising of MF7 support channels which are supported by 25x25mm galvanised angle fixed direct to the slab or sub grid. MF5 top hat sections are fixed to the support channels by MF9 clips. Finally the plasterboards were screwed to the MF metal which then has a skim coat plaster finish by others ready for decoration also by others.