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Sector(s) Technology & Technical

The team at Clive Graham Associates (CGA) have a wealth of experience in the construction of technological based projects including Data Centres, High Specification Communication Rooms and Clean Room Environments. CGA understands the business critical aspects of working in these environments and their systems of working, ensuring that the clients’ business needs are not impacted unless essentially necessary. We have undertaken extensions to existing live facilities, new rooms within office environments and large out of town dedicated facilities.

CGA have the supply chain and expertise to deliver power supplies for the facilities whether this be primary power from the National Grid or bespoke back up supplies including UPS and generator supported systems. The team have good working relationships with well known manufactures including, AVK, Broadcrown, Piller, Kohler, Rittal and the like. On a recent projects we have installed new Schnider transformers, Piller UPS’s and AVK generators to support an additional 3MW to an existing facility. In rack solutions for tighter spaces and less onerous power requirements have also been supplied with new switching arrangements.

CGA understand that providing a reliable and constant cooling solution is critical to the
operational efficiency of any space. Small wall mounted installations can be installed for basic requirements through to large ‘Cocoon’ installations to minimise the air leakage of an
installation. These are proving more popular with clients, trying where possible to reduce
power consumption attributed to cooling to enable more to be dedicated to processing power.


Downflow units are also popular where floor void allow using the floor as plenum to direct the cool air to the right aisle. Each solution is designed to coincide with the building restraints and client requirements. Rack mounted fans have also been installed by the team to direct cool air straight to the blade. We have recently installed a cocoon system with Cannon in row modules providing cooling for a high security system.

Life Safety / Testing
The projection of a facility is of paramount importance and various methods have been installed and include VESDA detection, Gas Suppression and Hi fog ’Mist’ systems. We appreciate that the testing and commissioning period is important to provide the client with piece of mind that the facility will stand up to the demands of the day to day business operations.

The security of an installation varies specific needs and CGA have experience of installing SEAP rated doors and walls to recognised government standards to provide a physical barrier to entry and also high specification monitoring equipment. Secure containment can be installed with security tags and ID and also fibre networks to minimise the copper transfer potential and also speed up information distribution.